Our Services & Expertise

The building blocks for successful outcomes.

Vision, overall strategy & brand identity

Phase 1

Through planning, research and brainstorming we establish the opportunities, priorities and target audience for the online community as well as the partners and key drivers of success. The brand identity translates the vision and strategy into the visual “look and feel” as well as the tone and manner that will connect and resonate with the target audience.

User journeys & functional requirements

Phase 2

User profiles and journeys define who we want to engage and map out the incremental experiences they’ll have with the community as it evolves. Functional requirements are the technology blueprints to enable users to get the intended value, or benefit, from their interaction with the community and other users.

Design, user interface (UI) & user experience (UX)

Phase 3

With the multi-faceted disciplines of design, UI and UX we transform the strategy, brand and technical requirements into what the final community will “look like” and the total user experience. The process includes wireframing and rapid prototyping to ensure content, design and functionality are simple and intuitive.

Content, communications & engagement plans

Phase 4

With knowledge on the audience – their habits, where they are and what motivates them – we develop plans to attract, connect and then to grow user engagement based on the value that the community offers. Tactics can include partner channel marketing, social media advertising and activity as well as email marketing.

Technology platform customization, integration & implementation

Phase 5

Using open source software as the starting point for our solution platform, we build and customize the infrastructure and core features, then integrate the UX design. The outcome is an online community that will deliver against user expectations as well as the overall vision and strategic objectives.

Final QA & beta testing, launch & rollout of communications

Phase 6

Before we launch, each community goes through a thorough QA process and a beta test phase involving key user groups that represent our target audience. Once the community is live, we initiate and roll out the communications plan and engage new members through the onboarding program.

Ongoing community management & operations

Phase 7

A successful community strikes the right balance between natural, or organic, and nurtured member growth and engagement. We train and use community managers for ongoing support and hands-on knowledge as well as connect with power users for additional insights.

Tracking & analysis for continuous improvements

Phase 8

Online communities are fundamentally organic in nature; as a result, measurement is a key component of our work. We track and measure user behaviour and engagement levels against expectations and tactics. If we see an opportunity, we course correct to take full advantage.

What They Say

A few thoughts shared by some community members.