About Hedon (Household Energy Network)

The Objectives
  • Reduce the time spent by the Hedon team to maintain their various internal databases
  • Streamline and empower their more than 4,000 members to connect and collaborate online to generate actionable items from the exchange of ideas
  • Enable the team to focus on offering value-added services and promote the non-profit
  • Allow funders, providers and projects to be self published and easily searchable
The Solution
  • A massive online hub to connect members together, allow partners to maintain and self publish their online catalogue, and provide a private work area for Hedon employees and board members
  • Integrate multiple disparate tools and centralize the information on a unified technology stack
The Result
  • Simplified the system platform and improved ease of maintenance, allowing Hedon staff to focus on their objectives instead of the technology
  • Turned their 4,000+ members from “viewers and readers” into “thought leaders and doers”
  • Empowered project leaders, funders and suppliers to connect, discover and self publish using the online catalogue
  • Client: Hedon (Household Energy Network)
  • Date: Launched in 2010
  • Category: Online Communities
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