About Canadian Difference

The Objectives
  • Encourage a bilingual, national discussion around topics that are important to Canada
  • Explore core themes including Indigenous Peoples, Multiculturalism, and Canada in the World
  • Gain a broader understanding of the concept and role of Mutual Accommodation
  • Utilize the collective contributions as a valuable, sustainable and open point of reference to help strengthen Canada’s identity and shape practical solutions to current and future challenges
The Solution
  • A unique online community with a rotation of core themes, each focusing on a time-limited topic and led by “Differentiators”, or Subject Matter Experts
  • The opportunity to explore different aspects of a topic through multiple, bilingual discussion threads
  • The concept and development of a unique Difference Ranking system – a more insightful way to enable members to recognize each other’s valuable contributions to the discussion
  • The ability to engage visitors since they can see the moderated discussions, but requiring membership for active participation
The Result
  • A very successful series of 30 open discussions, led by a total of 22 Subject Matter Experts
  • An average growth of 7% in members month over month with an average site traffic of 2,400 sessions/month
  • The engagement of over 500 Canadians through regular e-newsletters
  • Creating brand awareness in both English and French languages to over 1 million Facebook and Twitter users
  • Engagement through social media platforms resulting in direct membership growth of 350 users
  • Client: Private Funders and Trent University
  • Date: Launched in 2016
  • Category: Online Communities
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