Our Mission

To empower and engage people to connect, collaborate and succeed around a common purpose or interest. To overcome barriers – such as time, physical, geographical or language – that can prevent key human connections from taking place.


What We Do

We combine and leverage the skill sets and experience of our clients and our team to define and build each successful online community. We harness the power of the collective – the insights and perspectives that everyone can contribute.


Why Choose Us

We utilize our processes and expertise to transform your goals into an online reality – a thriving, sustainable community where success can be measured. By challenging ourselves, assumptions and thinking, we deliver a solution that’s right for you.

Meet the Team

The team behind your success.


Michael Gilbert

President & CEO

My passion is challenging the status quo. And helping others do the same.

I would like to connect the Leafs with the Stanley Cup before 2022.


Joanne Riley

VP Client Success

I am passionate about positive human interactions: having them, witnessing them and creating them.

I would like to connect all adults with their inner child.


Nelson Ko

Chief Technology Officer

I am passionate about technology that truly makes the world a better place.

I would like to connect Chief Engineer with Creative Director.


Wendie Scott Davis

VP Creative Director

I am passionate about creating something everyday.

I would love to connect my winter weather in Barbados to the summer weather in Ontario.


Betty Marar

Client Manager

I am passionate about human rights and gender equality.

I would like to connect all grandparents with a computer and cell phone, especially mine.


Kathryn Hajjar

Associate Client Manager

I am passionate about the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement.

I would love to connect every stray animal with a home.


Megan Judges

Associate Client Manager

I am passionate about giving back to the community in every way that I can.

I’d like to connect every individual with the ability to travel.


Eric Dagenais

Technical Lead

I have a passion for obsessively simplifying interfaces.

I would like to connect gratifying user experiences to the workplace.


Joanna Akyol

Studio Specialist

I am passionate about finding joy and laughter in life.

I would love to connect myself with more sleep.


Patrick Proulx

Technical Consultant

I am passionate about working with people to develop creative solutions for their day-to-day problems.

I would like to connect healthy living and technology.


Pascal St-Jean

Innovation Consultant

I am passionate about innovation that turns great ideas into reality.

I would like to connect renewable energy and golf.


Connecting with our core team, we have:

A network of HR, change management and strategic leadership specialists.

Our online development team.

Client Experience

Industry Sector Experience

Years of Collective Experience

It's About Who We Are

We listen.
We think strategically and innovatively.
We challenge assumptions, thinking and processes.
We quickly become an effective extension of your internal team.
We’re truly passionate about what we do.